Supports Keep Scott Active in Community and at Work

Date: 06/04/2018

Rhode Island

Scott is one of the first participants in LifeShare Rhode Island’s Individualized Vocational Services program. He’s been eager for LifeShare to add these services since he began participating with the organization in 2011. His enthusiasm and hard work have paid off in a part-time position close to home.


As an active participant in LifeShare’s shared living arrangement, Scott lives with a family with whom he shares all of the aspects of daily life. He also takes advantage of LifeShare’s Day Program, giving him structured, individualized activities throughout the day. Scott is diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities and requires these supports to remain fully engaged in his community. LifeShare services are able to assist him in locating and securing those supports. In addition, LifeShare vocational specialists and job coaches assist individuals every step of the way by offering a comprehensive progression of vocational services for people of all ability and skill levels.


After career exploration and job preparation classes to prepare individuals for employment settings, a community based work experience is secured to help narrow down the job a participant may find interesting. Scott completed a community based work experience within the culinary field as a food preparation worker. He worked very hard during his work trial, and his employer said that Scott was an exceptional worker and learned all of the tasks within a timely fashion. At the conclusion of the experience, Scott decided that he would like to pursue a part-time position within food prep. He reached out to the employer where he completed his work experience. While they did not have the budget to hire a new staff at the time, they did provide Scott with a letter of recommendation.  


Scott has remained extremely motivated throughout this process and has been working with the Rhode Island vocational team by applying and interviewing for food prep positions over the last two months. Just recently, Scott was offered a part-time prep cook position at a local restaurant and pub. Scott, with help from the job coach, has started to learn all of the requirements to perform his job accurately and efficiently, while also beginning to build upon his social network and natural support systems. Both Scott and the LifeShare Rhode Island team are excited to see him continue to grow in his new role as an employed individual.