Sometimes all It takes is Someone to Listen

Date: 03/01/2018


By listening, LifeShare’s Pathways team uncovers the real need

Abby, 36, was moved to a local nursing home for rehabilitation services following surgery.  As her discharge date got closer, Abby, who has developmental disabilities, informed her Sunflower program specialist that she would not return to the apartment where she lived semi-independently with supports; she wanted to live at the nursing home.

Why would someone opt to live in a nursing care facility when she had lived semi-independently in her own apartment before?

The program specialist contacted Julie, Physical Health Facilitator with LifeShare, to request an assessment. Julie also contacted Sherry, Community Living Facilitator with LifeShare to assist with investigating other residential options. 

Sherry met with Abby and her Sunflower program specialist at the nursing facility, sharing with Abby that she did not meet nursing facility criteria to remain there permanently as a resident.

While visiting with and listening to Abby, Sherry discovered the reason Abby wanted to stay at the nursing facility: Abby did not feel she would receive the support/assistance she needed if she were to return to her current living arrangement.  The staff, Abby said, were rude to her and would yell at her. 

Sherry inquired if she had made an Adult Protective Services report. Her mother, said Abby, had already called and reported the agency. 

Although other agencies would love to provide the support/assistance she needed, Sherry explained, Abby would have to move to another county, as the only provider in her county was the agency that was not providing the supports she needed. 

Abby was open to moving if there was an agency willing to meet her needs. After Sherry explained the residential options available, she asked Abby to list the top three Counties in which she would consider living.  Her first choice was the Kansas City area, as she would be closer to her mother. 

Although Abby would be discharged from rehabilitation to her current apartment until her next provider was determined, her Sunflower program specialist met with nursing facility staff prior to her discharge to determine when and what supports/assistance she required once she returned home to her current apartment.  

From there, the program specialist met with the agency to ensure Abby’s needs would be met, her concerns allayed, and that they would provide the appropriate care Abby needed until her new provider was established. 

In the end, Abby’s concerns were addressed because someone listened.

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