"She treats me like her daughter."

Date: 12/13/2018

South Carolina

Ms. Glover has been Felicia's shared living provider for almost two and one-half years. Felicia, a 19-year-old who loves to paint, calls Ms. Glover "Momma" because, "She treats me like her daughter."

Felicia has faced a variety of obstacles and hardships in her short life, but has never let her disability hold her back. She graduated high school in 2017 and was recently baptized at her church, where she is an active participant.

"Felicia goes to a day program Monday through Friday," says Ms. Glover. "On Wednesday evenings she has bible study where she helps with the children. Sunday she works with girls to help them learn about the Lord."

Ms. Glover has been a shared living provider for 11 years, and with LifeShare for about six of them.

"I believe in giving back," she says of her role. Her aunt was a shared living provider when Ms. Glover was growing up, and both her aunt and mother are retired nurses.

"Felicia is an extension of our family. I've watched her mature into a beautiful young lady," Ms. Glover says. She is also a shared living provider to a young man, and says he and Felicia, "get along just like regular siblings."

Felicia enjoys traveling with her family and this past summer's trip was to Disney World.

Felicia says, "My favorite ride was Avatar – because it was so colorful and beautiful, and because it made Ms. G scream!"

If that sounds just like a parent/child relationship, it should. They're a family unit, with Felicia having household chores and the family watching TV and making popcorn in the evenings.

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A sampling of Felicia's paintings.