Making a difference in a young man's life through LifeShare Foster Care

Date: 01/01/2017

Lexington, SC

The quality of life Allan enjoys from his LifeShare foster family is truly a gift

Seventeen-year-old Allan, who has moderate intellectual disabilities and is autistic, had a long history of behaviors that included running away, self-injury, scratching, and hitting. His parents, who were not well, could no longer meet his needs or care for him.

His life changed when he came to LifeShare just a year ago and joined the foster family of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.

His behaviors decreased dramatically and Allan has enjoyed traveling to family outings, going to the movies, and swimming in the community pool — activities that would not have been appropriate for him to participate in previously.

He even attended summer camp for the very first time; his previous behaviors made him inappropriate to do so before.

Sheryl Manning, service coordinator with Bright Start, LLC, said that the organization has been working with Allan since 1999 and they are truly invested in his future. 

"The transformation of Allan's quality of life, skills, and personality since being placed with LifeShare has been amazing!" she said. "Peaceful, calm, happy, and safe — all describe Allan today."

Manning added, "This year with the Wilson family has provided Allan with numerous new life experiences that have proven invaluable for his growth as an individual. The quality of care and love Allan receives from the entire Wilson family has truly been a gift!"