LifeShare's Targeted Case Management Services enhance the quality of life for one young Woman in Distress

Date: 11/01/2017

Tampa, FL

Twenty-five-year-old Domanekia understood there were challenges in her life on which she needed to work, but depression and anxiety kept her isolated in her bedroom following the death of her mother, with whom she and her siblings lived in a Tampa apartment.

With her mother no longer around to talk with, and family issues keeping her from engaging with her siblings, Domanekia was depressed, isolated, and alone. She rarely ventured outside of the apartment, let alone her bedroom, spending most days by herself in her pajamas.

Because of her mental state, she no longer held the job she had while her mother was alive. Domanekia had no goals, just a future that looked, to her, to be very bleak. 

Fortunately, she reached out to Cenpatico, a provider of comprehensive managed behavioral health care service for vulnerable and underserved populations.

Cenpatico referred Domanekia to LifeShare’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management, a program that provides in-home and community-based support and coordination of services in Florida and other states around the country.

Domanekia’s Targeted Case Manager, Merline met with her weekly in Domanekia’s home. LifeShare’s Florida programs are unique in that services are provided in the home or the community. An individual does not have to travel to an office to receive support or services.

In the beginning, due to her depression, Domanekia was very resistant to working with Merline, denying she needed help and often canceling their meetings. With a continuing message of empathy and an ability to not be deterred by her denial of need, Merline slowly built a relationship with Domanekia. She gained her trust by calling her regularly, speaking with her when she was in need of someone to listen to her, and, after a revolving door of mental health professionals, supporting her in finding a mental health therapist with whom she could relate.

Said Merline, “When Domanekia saw I wasn’t going away, she began to trust me more and more.”

Once that trust was established, Merline was able to help Domanekia connect with the services she needed, including food assistance and medical resources. She also helped Domanekia set goals, including living independently of her siblings in her own apartment, going out into the community on a regular basis, and even investigating advancing her schooling into a career.

“Domanekia has continued to demonstrate inner strength, initiative, and courage,” said Merline. “She’s become self-sufficient and has made great progress.”

With a little help from Merline, Domanekia did move into her own apartment that she has successfully shared with a relative. Additionally, she is setting structure to her days in the form of volunteer work. Domanekia is a volunteer with the Metropolitan Ministries and is looking forward to fulfilling and enjoying regular volunteer experiences. She will assist in caring for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency.

She has even started on her goal of becoming a massage therapist by investigating academic information from a local technical school.

Domanekia is no longer wearing her pajamas — except to sleep — and maintains her appearance as she had before she lost her mom by getting her hair done and treating herself to manicures.

“I am so very proud of Domanekia’s accomplishments,” said Merline. “She is hopeful for the future, and I know, without a doubt, she will overcome any obstacles that come her way.”