It's no longer an emergency for Jane

Date: 02/01/2017


LifeShare Day Support: Quality Interactions and Diversion from the Emergency Room 

Jane  was not unknown to the local emergency room. And she had a history of asking strangers to dial 911.

But since beginning one-on-one day support with LifeCoach Ashley Ripa through LifeShare Rhode Island this spring, those activities are in her past.

Jane, a woman who has mild intellectual disabilities, impulse-control disorder with behavior problems and other challenges, often struggled when she was out in the community. 

Nowadays, however, you can find her volunteering at a local soup kitchen, food pantry, and day shelter, where she interacts with all participants and staff. And you'll find her participating in various community activities in the Bristol and Middletown areas, such as swimming, Bingo, and line dancing.

"I'm happy to be able to go out and do the things I enjoy," she said.

Said her LifeShare Coach, "Jane has come a long way since I've known her. Her skills have increased and she's doing a great job."

And she hasn't asked a stranger in the community to dial 911 in months!

To learn more about day support options in Rhode Island, contact State Director Melinda Quinn at (401) 921-6855.