It's All About Quality of Life

Date: 07/01/2017

Columbia, SC

For long-time in-home providers Kevin and Aletta McClendon, opening their home to individuals with developmental and other challenges is all about quality of life.

 “We decided to become a provider with LifeShare to enhance the life and lifestyle of an individual and to make a real impact on the quality of life for them,” said Kevin. “It is an opportunity to share our home and environment with individuals who are in need of direct care.”

They share their home with two individuals who require specialized health care and other services that integrate them into the community.

Are there challenges for the McClendon’s? Of course, laughs Aletta. “But we do not really see these things as challenges and realize that everyone is different and requires different levels of care. We make the necessary adjustments to enhance their lifestyle and move forward.”

One of the individuals who lives with them has a balance problem and the other has severe tremors and uses special medical devices.

“We handle the challenges by making necessary adjustments,” said Kevin. “We utilize the appropriate medical equipment and research every available option in regard to specialty items to make the individual blend into and participate into society.”

Being an in-home provider impacts those who do the providing, as well. “As a provider,” said Kevin, “we have impacted the families of the individuals, giving them peace of mind that their loved one is getting expert care in a good, safe, and clean family home in a community setting.”

“Mr. and Mrs. McClendon are genuine providers and truly care about the individuals in their home,” said LifeShare South Carolina State Director, Terrasel Jones. “They have gone above and beyond to accommodate and ensure David and Charles are integrated and involved in the community.”

The McClendon’s were patient and waited until the right matches were found for their home. “They took their time and made the right choices, as they understood the process of creating lifelong relationships with individuals we serve.”

 “I would encourage others to get on board and become a LifeShare provider,” said Kevin to others who might consider becoming an in-home provider. “This is more than an opportunity, it is an adventure you will enjoy.”

LifeShare is seeking in-home providers who will open their home to live with and support an individual with developmental disabilities so that the individual becomes part of the fabric of the provider’s life, family, and community. Support may come in the areas of activities of daily living, money management, transportation, and independent living skills. LifeShare provides extensive training and supports to ensure success.

Providers are independent contractors and receive annual tax-free stipends plus an additional monthly room and board benefit.

For more information, visit, click on “Become a Home Care of Foster Care Provider on the home page and complete a questionnaire or email GA State Director Terrasel Jones at