Sustained stabilization requires proactive solutions. Go BeyondCrisis. 

Our comprehensive program reduces unnecessary emergent care costs and fosters long-term recovery from mental illness.

BeyondCrisis is a proactive and integrated approach to reducing behavioral health crises and improving health plan HEDIS measures. BeyondCrisis complements health plan case management efforts for high-risk, often difficult to engage individuals. 

BeyondCrisis includes preemptive diversion measures, a responsive crisis component, in-patient visits, and mobile post-inpatient discharge appointments by licensed clinicians.

Telephone Support

Triage Clinicians, available telephonically 24/7:

  • Proactively call members identified as needing additional support to maintain least restrictive community placement; and,
  • De-escalate crises, diverting unnecessary emergency room visits and inpatient admissions.  

Mobile Engagement Teams

Mobile Engagement teams, comprised of a Licensed Clinician and a Crisis Intervention Specialist:

  • Assess and stabilize a crisis situation and develop an ongoing care plan. 

  • Facilitate linkage to appropriate community and health plan resources.

  • Visit members in both inpatient and outpatient settings to connect members with plan services.

Improved HEDIS Measures

Mobile Licensed Clinicians positively impact plan 7- and 30-day HEDIS measures with in-home visits:

  • Licensed Clinicians meet with Members, post-discharge from inpatient behavioral health-related admissions, in the home or community based settings, ensuring 7-day and/or 30-day required visits are satisfied. 

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LifeShare BeyondCrisis

If you or someone you support is experiencing a behavioral or mental health crisis, contact our 24/7 BeyondCrisis center staffed by health care professionals at 844-767-3289 (Florida Sunshine Health Members, call 844-894-9715).

When to Refer

  • At risk for placement in either Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility or Acute Inpatient Facility
  • Deterioration in functioning from individual's baseline
  • Barriers to accessing and/or receiving Individualized Treatment Plan services/supports
  • Possible disruption in placement
  • Aggression/property destruction
  • Communication barriers