Services and Planning

The ability to effectively transition from school to work, or to some other form of post-secondary education, is a critical aspect of every student’s progress. Preparing students to graduate from high school is just the beginning; we work with each student, their family, the school district, and community-based agencies to develop a Post-Secondary Transition Plan with defined goals that are both relevant to the student’s interests and realistic to achieve.  Whether a student’s plans includes paid employment or the support of adult service agencies, our aim is to develop vocational and functional life skills based on each student’s individual strengths.

LifeShare Educational Resources School Programs and Specialty Providers utilize interest inventories, observational assessments, and questionnaires to develop individualized Transition Plans. Our collaborative team approach assists students in developing the skills needed to maximize their independence. Community-based instruction occurs at all levels to promote the generalization of academic, social, behavioral, and vocational skills?

At Educational Resources main campus, routine outings may include structured and relevant weekly activities in the community and/or job site training for older students through partnerships with local businesses. These outings afford students the opportunity to learn valuable safety skills, to navigate public transportation, and is a natural environment for them to reinforce their social, emotional, and communication skills. On-campus vocational opportunities may include participation in our student-run lunch service, the Coffee Cove, and the Gardening Club. On-site or in the community, students are afforded the opportunity to foster their levels of independence, self-esteem, and self-advocacy.