Counseling and Behavioral Health


Each of our School Programs ensures that there is continuous access to a team of Licensed Clinical Therapists and/or Clinical Interns who provide counseling and case management services to eligible students as well as on-going engagement in Child and Family Team meetings. Parents and guardians of students with significant mental health issues often benefit from advocacy and assistance in navigating community-based systems; LifeShare Educational Resouces Therapists are able to provide this type of support, meanwhile assuring they do not overreach their scope of practice or guidance.

As a clinical team, our Therapists stay abreast of current local and national practice initiatives that align with school, community, and evidence-based approaches to mental health. By partnering with local institutions of higher education, we create opportunities for Clinical Interns to be trained and supervised in our School Programs. Therapists and Clinical Interns have an opportunity to gain valuable school-based mental health experience, not only within our School Programs but as partners with charter and public school customers.

In addition to direct assessment and counseling, Therapists identify, create, and facilitate training for parents/guardians and school personnel to understand student diagnoses, the potential impact of medications on learning and behavior, as well as a host of other critical mental health topics. Though the primary clinical focus is always on how to pro-actively address the emotional and behavioral health needs of students so they perform better in school, the team is also available to provide information and referral services, case management, coordination with Child and Family Teams, and therapeutic intervention and resolution around crisis situations.

Behavioral Services

LifeShare Educational Resources offers public school systems a comprehensive level of behavioral support services, focused on ensuring the use of positive behavioral supports and interventions for students who present a variety of challenges. Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) may be conducted by qualified Specialty Providers to determine root causes of disruptive or disengaging behaviors and to identify more positive and productive replacement behaviors.

Our Specialty Providers use intermittent and ongoing data collection to monitor fidelity and to ensure continuous progress against established Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). Continuous consultation with special educators, internal and external to our programs, allows us to ensure effective service delivery across special education continuums and to determine opportunities for professional development that align with evidence-based practices.