Public School Partners

Each of our programs has been developed in response to the identified needs of public school systems, with the purpose of providing special education placement and programming for students whose disabilities or behaviors have become too complex to address in a less-specialized school environment. LifeShare Educational Resources Schools currently operate three state-approved EDP or Private Day Programs in Arizona and one in Colorado:

  • Ocotillo Elementary Campus in Phoenix, Arizona (partnership with the Washington Elementary School District)
  • Main Campus in Gilbert, Arizona (serving partnering school districts across the East Valley)
  • Sunnyside Campus in Tucson, Arizona (partnership with the Sunnyside Unifed School District)
  • Trevista Elementary School K-5 (partnership with Denver Public Schools)

Each of our School Programs follows a standardized approach to providing specialized educational services that effectively meet the needs of unique student populations. We focus on educating the whole child through a combination of academic, behavioral, social, and therapeutic supports and ensure that our approaches are flexible enough to address individual students’ needs, as defined by their IEP. Finally, we use data to drive key decisions regarding students’ ongoing abilities, performance, and continued need for special programming.

For SY 2011/2012, our Schools transitioned 35-40% of enrolled students from its Programs to a district’s least restrictive environment (LRE); this rate of transition is an average total across all existing Programs for the school year. The ability to effectively educate students and prepare them for transition back to a district’s LRE is a hallmark of our service model and approach.