Private Day Treatment

With nearly two decades of experience, the Schools have refined the more traditional models of private day programming and service delivery by integrating Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) into programs which are community-based and tailored for implementation within a public school system.  In addition to improving positive student outcomes relative to length of stay, rate of transition, and recidivism, The Schools' model has demonstrated the ability to save districts significantly on student tuition, related services, and transportation, versus programs offered in private/separate facilities.

In Arizona, LifeShare Schools have helped public school systems save 15%-25% over the average cost of a student’s tuition in a private/separate facility  These savings are substantial when considered in relation to the State’s current rate of reimbursement, which typically covers 75-80% of required costs.  In states with higher rates of per-student funding, the opportunity for savings can be even more substantial.

Our primary objective is to assist public school systems in effectively meeting the special needs and entitlements of students with learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  We provide them with the tools and required resources to serve their students closer to home and within the community.  By employing a strengths-based and evidence-based model of care, we are well equipped to support all students’ ability to learn, and we reduce the need for reliance on punitive or restrictive interventions.