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Community Services

Residential Support

The Shared Living Model

More than twenty years ago, LifeShare became a pioneer of the Shared Living model of residential support.

Shared Living is an alternative to facility-based residential settings, group homes, nursing homes or staffed residences for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, the elderly, and those in the child welfare system.

It is the option of choice for many who want to live in a traditional family setting.

In the LifeShare Shared Living model, the individual in need of residential support moves in with a home care provider. The provider is thoroughly trained in LifeShare’s COA-Accredited practices and closely supervised by our residential team. Through this model, and with the support of their provider, individuals are encouraged to increase their independent living skills and to build natural supportive relationships within the home and community.

Please contact us for information on Residential Shared Living opportunities

Learn more about becoming a Shared Living Home Care Provider.