Become a Foster Parent

Find the Reward

How often do you have the opportunity to significantly change someone’s life? Individuals and families can have a positive impact in the lives of young people by opening their homes and becoming foster parents. LifeShare carefully selects providers who want to offer children in the foster care system safe, structured and supportive environments, and to work in partnership with others to ensure that the children receive the services and community supports they need.

LifeShare provides a strong support system for providers, including ongoing training, to nurture successful living arrangements, meaningful relationships and even lifelong connections.

Please contact us with your questions and/or complete the brief provider questionnaire.

Why LifeShare?

LifeShare specializes in the kind of foster care that provides or coordinates a variety of intensive therapeutic, social and community based services to meet each child’s needs. The foster parent becomes a pivotal part of the child’s treatment and is given the training and support to meet those needs.

The holistic approach LifeShare uses focuses on quality of life for both the providers and children. Visits from LifeShare residential specialists, case managers and clinicians allow the care team to get to know providers and children well enough to offer meaningful support. Foster parents work in partnership with the care team to help identify and develop goals for each child, concentrating on clinical needs and those that are important to success at home, school and community settings.

Multiple layers of support are available 24/7, for both foster parents and children, to provide assistance and guidance when it’s needed most.

What Services are Provided to Children?

LifeShare provides many services to help children cope with the changes in their lives and to promote stability and success in all areas.

  • In-home family counseling
  • Individualized therapy
  • Case management
  • Quality of life support
  • Positive coping skills development
  • Identifying individualized goals to enrich life
  • Independent living and vocational skills to support transition to adulthood, when age-appropriate

How Does LifeShare Support Foster Parents?

LifeShare’s foster care support team builds relationships with each family so that individualized support preferences and needs can be met.

  • Identifies and ensures training to support successful home environments. Training topics include, but are not limited to positive behavior support, crisis intervention, and Mandt training.
  • Offers providers 24/7 access to LifeShare team members so that foster parents always have a resource
  • Supports quick and successful referrals to needed services
  • Facilitates collaboration with behavior analysts, clinicians, psychiatrists, care managers, and other team supports, as needed to meet the needs of the child and family
  • Access to more than 600 online accredited trainings

Financial Support

  • Tax-free stipends
  • Referral bonuses
  • Tiered bonus system based on compliance measures*
  • Bimonthly payments with optional direct deposit
  • Individual compensation for personal care items*

* May vary depending upon state-specific regulations

Other Benefits

  • LifeShare’s advanced electronic systems reduce administrative time and are available to the whole care team.
  • Access to a savings network for discounts on travel, movies, restaurants, entertainment and more.
  • LifeShare operates in numerous states and is owned by Centene, a Fortune 100 company that supports the highest levels of accreditation and administrative support.

Becoming a foster care provider is an opportunity to make a significant and positive impact in a child’s life, and the chance to make a lifelong connection.

Questions? Contact us or complete the brief provider questionnaire, and a LifeShare representative will follow-up with you.


How do I become a Foster Care Provider? 

For Foster Care Information:

  • NH: 603-625-8825
  • FL: 863-868-1586

For additional inquiries contact us.