LifeShare was founded in Keene, New Hampshire, in 1996. Joshua Boynton, a man with a vision for change, founded LifeShare with his wife Rachel in response to their frustration with the human services system.

In the years prior to the birth of LifeShare, Josh and Rachel spent many years in Keene as college students providing direct support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Over time, both Josh and Rachel began to realize the programs that were available were not created with the people that they served in mind.

Ron Inspires a New Approach

In 1994, Josh and Rachel moved in with a man named Ron, who had lived most of his life in an institutional setting. As an infant, Ron contracted meningitis, affecting his development and contributing to autistic-like behaviors. Ron also experienced Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Josh and Rachel moved in with Ron so they could assist him with his everyday activities, such as cooking, cleaning and creating a schedule of activities based in the community.

It was not long before Josh and Rachel saw that Ron was a very talented man with many gifts to offer. They also saw a great need for change in the system that supported him. The restrictions and stubborn nature of these traditional services are what motivated Josh and Rachel to find a different way to meet Ron's needs.

Josh created a "personalized services contract" with Ron and his team, and a program based on his particular interests, specifically artistic expression. This new, person-centered model exceeded all expectations of Ron's support team. As a result, Josh and Rachel incorporated on a small, grassroots level, and LifeShare was born.

LifeShare Today

For twenty years, LifeShare expanded its passion to states around the country in the form of advocacy and the provision of in-home and community based services for populations often marginalized by society. 

In March 2015, LifeShare became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise providing services to government-sponsored healthcare programs. 

Maintaining its core services, LifeShare leverages its expertise in its engagement with managed care organizations and state and local governments. Developing innovative programs to improve the health of all populations while driving down costs, LifeShare remains committed to effecting positive change for businesses and individuals, to push for societal improvement, to embrace people of all abilities, and to inspire all people to pursue their dreams!