States and Health Plans


More than twenty years of community-based experience providing services in the home and community settings to individuals with complex needs, combined with expertise in developing Long-Term and Acute-Care Management Solutions, uniquely positions LifeShare to add value to managed care organizations, health systems, and state and local governmental health organizations.


LifeShare consults with organizations to identify gaps in engagement with high-risk populations, bridge existing silos, and build a more holistic, impactful and sustainable approach to member connection, care coordination, health outcomes, and cost reduction.


On behalf of partners, LifeShare creates empowering opportunities for individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, children in the child welfare system, and neurodivergent populations including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), traumatic brain injuries, and other complex cognitive needs.


LifeShare’s suite of customizable solutions are designed to assist organizations to reduce unnecessary emergent health care costs, and to achieve improved physical and behavioral health outcomes and a better Quality of Life for the individuals they are trusted to serve.



Comprised of a 24/7 Triage Call Center and Mobile Engagement Teams, BeyondCrisis  proactively mitigates or de-escalates crises and provides mobile 7- and 30-day HEDIS visits, resource linkage, and ongoing supports.


Super Utilizer Solution

Our short-term intensive program engages the highest utilizers of emergent health services, addresses social determinant concerns, and stabilizes and connects individuals with appropriate resources.



A collaborative, self-directed model, Pathways was created to impact culture, capacity, and choice for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities on their journey towards independence. Pathways complements integrated care management models by facilitating collaboration among state agencies, managed care organizations, providers, facilities, individuals, families, and guardians.


Integrated Care Management

LifeShare works collaboratively with partners to address unique physical and community service needs for individuals with IDD.


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