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Felicia Goldwire

Felicia Goldwire

Georgia Regional Director




Felicia Goldwire earned her Bachelors of Social Welfare from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. She moved from New York to Savannah, GA, with her family seven years ago for Church Ministry.


Early on, Felicia realized that she had a desire to serve and help others.


Felicia has more than 13 years of experience in the social service field and has worked with different populations in diverse settings throughout her career, including geriatrics, youth and families at risk, and those with intellectual/developmental disabilities.


Throughout her career, Felicia has come to learn that Advocacy is one of the most important tools to possess in the social services field. Advocacy equals empowerment. Felicia believes Advocates serve as the bridge to connect those whom they support to the resources that aid individuals in fulfilling their hopes and personal achievements within society.


She also feels that it is important to impact society through helping the individuals and families we serve with inclusion, so societal stigmas in regard to people with physical, mental health challenges, and developmental disabilities will end, where individuals of all abilities will be accepted and treated with dignity and respect, regardless of ability.