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About Ron's Art


The artwork on this page are original works by Ron Rice, the man LifeShare founders Josh and Rachel Boynton lived with for years. In many ways, Ron is responsible for the civil rights movement that defines LifeShare.


Ron Peace Artwork

Coming out of the state institution where he spent many of his early years, Ron wore a "label." Josh and Rachel were told he could be dangerous,  a risk to himself or others, and  exhibit behaviors that would prevent him from going out into the community.

They were also told the crayons Ron drew with, often for hours each day, represented age-inappropriate behavior and they should work to break Ron of this habit.

Ron Dancing PeopleInstead, Josh and Rachel empowered Ron's love for art, hiring a local artist to support his day programming.


Eventually, Ron and this artist opened their own art co-op in Henniker, NH, and sold their pieces.

Josh and Rachel removed the labels from Ron's life.  They saw him as a person first...and he flourished in life and in the community.

When you see Ron's art, know that it symbolizes LifeShare's mission and the possibilities for people of all abilities...Real Life for Real People.